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Monday, February 5, 2007

running sentence

scurrying over empty streets on a sunday morning, i was running late to church and i was hungry and i was wired from drinking too much coffee and i had gotten on the wrong bus and i had to change buses and i walked down one road believing it lead somewhere and it led me the wrong way so i turned and made my way back to the main avenue of the marketplace until i reached the corner i knew well and i had only two minutes left until mass began without me and i walked fast past the homeless men that held the door for pfennigs i would not give them and i quickly took my hat off and shoved it in my bag and sat down in the furthest pew on the right.

i took a breath.

i had made it just in time.

i had been lost all morning, on wrong buses and down wrong roads and i had only half an hour to find my way back to the roads i knew.

and i made it in time.

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