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Saturday, February 3, 2007

grape nuts

i have always operated under the assumption that grape nuts are healthy. i've honestly never checked. i realized, while i was dousing my bowl of grape nuts with raisins and honey that because grape nuts required a bath of honey (or chocolate, or sugar) to make them palatable that they must be healthy.

they're an unappealing color (brown). they clump up in the bowl in milk and get very soggy quickly. they have this flavor somewhere between sand and graham crackers. obviously they must be healthy.

the box claims they are healthy.

of course, the box doesn't factor in the chocolate milk and butterscotch chips, the strawberries and vanilla soy milk, the raisins and honey.

honestly, this cereal is not healthy. it just pretends to be so you can use it as a vehicle for unhealthy ingredients (though raisins and honey are not necessarily unhealthy, the amount required to make grape nuts palatable certainly is not healthy).

just like oatmeal, the box tells you its healthy. scientists tell you that this is healthy. alas, the ingredient is healthy, but the breakfast is unsound.

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