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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


i asked a kid if he had change for a five in saint mary's church in old berlin. the kid was there with his school. he pulled out his wallet. he said that he had change.

he gave me four euro for my five. he peered into the darkness of his wallet as if he didn't have any more euro in there (he did, and I was tall enough to see it).

he told me, with this white fear all over his face, that he didn't have any more euro and asked me if that was close enough.

cute kid, and brave.

maybe he's growing up hard. maybe not. but i let him scam me. i didn't push him over one euro. i dropped a coin into the box to pay for the candle i was about to light. i said a prayer for the brave little boy. he's got courage, and maybe someday he'll do something good with it.

good luck, little boy courage. i lit that candle for you.

berlin's can be a rough town. i'm in a webcafe on the east side, surrounded by tough looking turks with nothing to do but smoke and stare at the skyline like somebody owes them something.

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