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Thursday, March 15, 2007

the guy at the local turkish market is awesome

the guy who runs the turkish market around the corner did not have masking tape for sale.

i bought two large, powerful beers. i bought cheese. i bought apfelwein from fredericksburg.

i asked him if he had any tape because i have got to paint this weekend and need to tape down some light switches and protective coverings.

after playing all kinds of cross-lingual deductive games - for i don't know the german word for tape, nor does he speak any english - we deduced what i sought.

and he had some behind his register. he handed it to me as a gift.

that dude is awesome. if you are in erbenheim, do business with the man at the turkish market on emil-krag strasse.

the man just gave me tape. i'm willing to bet when i swing through again he might have some on the wall waiting for someone to buy, because he seems like that kind of businessman.

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