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Thursday, March 1, 2007

xena, warrior princess

mainz might be the friendliest city in all of germany.

at muffin, a german cafe chain, in the mainz marketplace, a beautiful woman struck up a conversation with me in a cafe, in english, and talked about her city, and her upcoming trip to california with her boyfriend, and we talked about all sorts of small things that new friends talk about.

only at the very end, i extended my hand and gave her my name and my thanks.

then, she told me her name, and after a mere moment of hesitation, the impending jest.

xena... .... warrior princess. (her eyes looked down and away like she was embarassed that she had to say such a thing, and maybe she was even waiting for me to make the joke because she liked it? xena, is strong after all, and a sex symbol, and having one's name attached to something like that must alter us subconsciously.)

i would have never made the joke because i assumed it was weary.

however, i also wonder if she would have had the courage to strike up this conversation without the strength in her subconscious. where her name beatrice, i think she would have sat very still and waited for me to speak up. and waited. and waited.

xena, warrior princess. conqueror of awkward social situations.

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