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Saturday, March 31, 2007

it's raining in freiburg, and i couldn't climb the mountain today even if i was capable of moving after climbing so many yesterday.

i miss my computer. i cannot sit in a webcafe all day, after all.

freiburg is a city of water. water rains down on the mountains, flows through the open sewers in the street (this place must have stank back in the day before plumbing) and permeates the air like bolts of ice when I breathe this cold, damp air.

the black forest is actually an ocean held back by the trees that hold the damp at bay. their antennae green limbs reach up into the air and breathe all the worst of the wet away. their roots suck up all the water they can find rising in the earth. without these trees, we'd be swimming through the old medieval streets. we'd be on gondolas, and we'd look at the giant, bald rocks on the horizon and long for wood to build dikes and boats and all the things people need in all this water.

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Sharon Maas said...

BADDUCKY HOW DARE YOU!those ar not open sewers, they are romantic - um - Baechle for kids to paddle in! I adore Freiburg. So when are you coming this way? I take it you got your advance?