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Friday, May 18, 2007

cats are magic

cats are magic

the cats have settled thoroughly into the office area in my little sunroom. they linger there, sleepy-eyed at all the wrong times. they still live in the wrong time zone. mossimo, the cowardly lion, prefers the top of the desk. diva, the acrobatic anarchist, prefers the desk chair.

i discovered, quite suddenly, that the clock on the desk is six hours ahead for no reason at all.

wiesbaden, germany, is exactly six hours ahead of fort worth, texas. these cats are from wiesbaden, germany, and have settled into the red digital glow of a clock that independently picked up the native time zone of these two cats.

no one who came over since the arrival of the cats would have considered such a subtle prank, nor can i discern any reason for my clock to jump six hours ahead on its own.

this is a true story discovered yesterday, just before my arc galleys arrived. i’ve been sifting through the galley proofs on a pleasant texas afternoon and in the back of my consciousness i’ve been listening for the things that go bump in a german night.

cats are magic.

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