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Sunday, May 6, 2007

a very busy morning talking while they work

two short order cooks scramble furiously and talk while they work.

"that girl? that fine one? that girl with long hair?"
(the sound of eggs cracking on a grill. sizzling sounds.)
"i'd do her."

two waitresses stare over the stainless steel counter at the cooks. they chat with each other.

"i swear, he has no business fussing."
"calm down, mama. calm down."
"like a waffle? any waffle? you know what i'm saying?"
"need to get high 'fore you get one."
"you know what i'm saying?"

the fine girl, with long hair is talking to her mother three feet from the men that casually discuss doing the girl. both women work as waitresses. the man that mama referred to was her husband - the girl's father - who had once again disappointed her in life.

disappointed in life, the conversations ceased as the two women snatched the food the two chefs prepared and everyone scurried off into the diner.

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