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Sunday, May 13, 2007


my sister will be deploying to iraq soon. i'm taking her cats for her while she's gone.

in line at petco with my bag of cat food, cat box, kitty litter, bowls, cat toys, cat treats, scratching post, etc, etc, etc...

"wow," said the guy behind the counter, "getting a dog, huh? good for you."

"fish, dude. i'm getting fish. that's why i have these carribean-fish-flavor treats."

"yup," he said, "good luck with that dog, dude!"

sunday afternoon on a stormy spring day was quite slow at the pet store.


ohdawno said...

My son is deploying this summer and I, too, am watching over the cats he leaves behind. I've actually had them since last October when he moved to Ft. Bragg.

J m mcdermott said...

enough to make you a one issue voter, isn't it?

i've never been one of those before today.