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Friday, May 4, 2007

dignity went missing.

have you seen my dignity?

i know i left it around here somewhere. if you find my dignity, please give it something to eat. it's malnourished. that's why it ran away. give it something to eat, and maybe give it a bath or something. it's probably not very sweet-smelling right now.

do you know what my dignity looks like? usually it looks like a knight in rugged denim. usually it tools around on an imaginary motorcycle that totally exists because you'd never disbelieve in dignity, now would you? i would never call my dignity a liar. that a-hole rides a motorcycle most of the time. no helmet. golden locks blowing in the wind like some kind of burly lion.

not lately, though. motorcycle went missing somewhere. don't know where. how do you find an imaginary motorcycle? it's like finding wonder woman's invisible jet. my dignity's been stumbling around barefoot in old running clothes. my dignity's been begging for food on the corner like a junkie.

happens sometimes. dignity tends to just up and leave, like a bum chasing trains.

if you see my dignity, feed it, clean it, and bring it back to me, would you? I miss it.

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