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Friday, May 11, 2007

two young women in a bookstore

the opening blast of "moondance" powered through the softness of classical music that no one could hear in the cafe of a barnes and noble.

"hey, is that your phone?" says girl #1
"what?" says girl #2
"is that your ringtone?" says #1
"no. is it yours?" says #2
"what is that?" says #1
"it's somebody else's phone." says #2
a long, long pause while moondance continues to play.
"oh, it's the music! hey call my phone and hear my ringtone." says #1
"maybe when we're bored." says #2
"i can't believe i thought that was a ringtone." says #1
her friend says nothing at all. they drift off into a silence long enough to suggest studying, but there are no books in front of them. closer investigation reveals that they are text messaging hurriedly without making eye contact with each other. they sit together at a cafe, and text message people who are not there.

undoubtedly they say "i am @ barnes with s___", but i don't think they're there with each other. they sit at a table and their only companion is the cellphone.

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