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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

circular chess

I played circular chess for the first time last night at a party with the lovely and talented Tamisan.

in circular chess, knights are rendered nearly useless in the face of the other capital pieces because 1) it's really tough to visually make an "L" on the wonky circular chessboard and 2) bishops and queens can do things that boggle the mind.

in circular chess, the bishops are the new rooks.

also, with all those white pieces clumped in the middle, try to target your attack your opponent just on the opposite side of the central clump from their line of sight.

or, to make things fair, play standing up and circling the board as if you were playing billiards.

Of note, there are multiple methods of playing this fascinating variation on a classic.

explains it besser als mich

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Rachel Caine said...

Hey guy! No, I'm not commenting on the circular chess, that stuff was just WRONG and CRAZY and OVER MY HEAD.

But meanwhile, I had a thought about your book launch party. Email me.