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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

little note discovered in a used ARC

I found this message inside a second-hand advanced reading copy, scribbled on a small, yellow post-it note. It was pasted to the back cover flap, as if the note should be read after the book, in a plain, round hand.

“Please review.
First navel frim
New sf/
fatasy impt

I’ve seen my book called “Boger”, but I did not know it was also a “navel frim”. I know it must be a navel frim, though, because the first book from this imprint is by Richard Dansky, and I am the second book.

I am also the first “navel frim”.

So, anybody have any theories on what the distinction between a book (a.k.a. “Bog”) and a “navel frim” might be?

Also, will “fatasy impt” replace “Sincerely Yours” as the new gibberish to hiccup at the end of letters?

At least “fatasy impt”, unlike “Sincerely Yours” is too nonsensical to be a lie. Usually when people write “Sincerely”, there’s nothing sincere about it.

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