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Saturday, January 26, 2008

count down with me now....

ten days left until the book comes out.

tomorrow, there will be nine.

no, i probably won't be coherent enough to update regular-like until then.

first signings

16-Feb 1:00 PM Borders@Hulen and I-30 in Fort Worth
17-Feb-08 2:00 PM Eurotazza Cafe on Bryant Irvin in Texas (link somewhere on the right... Hey, I'm there right now! *sips Americano*)
22-Feb Allday ConDFW
23-Feb Allday ConDFW <- Book launch party in the ConSuite beeotches!
24-Feb Allday ConDFW
1-Mar 2:00-4:00 PM Barnes and Noble in North Arlington on Collins, in the shadow of the new stadium.
2-Mar 2:00 PM Barnes and Noble in Hurst near 183/820, across the highway from Northeast Mall, where the North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop regularly meets.
8-Mar 1:00:00 PM- 3:00PM Books-A-Million in Grapevine Mills Mall, the only Books-A-Million in D/FW.

There will be more. Makr yer calenders guys and dolls.

And come by, say hello, buy a book, get some chocolate.


Anonymous said...

just popped in my mind: if we get to translate last dragon into romanian, will you do a signing in bucharest?

J m mcdermott said...

My sister maintains an apartment in Wiesbaden, Deutschland, when she isn't fighting a war in Iraq (I'm cat-sitting for her in the meantime). Believe it or not, signings in Bucharest are not some kind of impossible thing to imagine.

Lemme just update my Eurrail pass...

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome. does the beginning of june suit you? or would you prefer november? these are not random times, that's when the two major bookfairs in Bucharest take place, and that would be a great time to meet your readers.

J m mcdermott said...

November is better because then I'd be more than six months out. Thus I'd have plenty of time to clear my journey with consulates and discount airfare companies!

I'm in Texas right now, with her cats.

I could still probably do June, but the airfare would be steep, and I know nothing about Romanian visas.