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Sunday, April 27, 2008

more poetry

i dug up my ancient tripod blog (

i found some poetry there, too, buried in the annoying adware.
i had a nightmare of my hand
a daemon shoved it
past the lips of my cold blender
i watched it grind

banana sinew, cherry blood
gore like peaches, nectarines
bone was almond in her roar
blender, blender, whirling boar

my head is quiet and I stare
among the frozen fruit
we watch, detached
through cellophane


with apologies to the victim whose e-mail i skewered

an excerpt from an e-mail:

the only things i've ever really
wanted in this life:

to be a cheerleader with
long, straight blonde hair

to write a decent poem
i have a better chance with the first

send me a poem, I'll read it
gratefully. maybe i'll share

one of mine. thanks,

(source at:

i wrote this next poem when i was a freshman in college:

how strange that emptiness is filling
like a bubble growing gas
how strange i might just up -- explode
in how my hungers last

thus so -- to fight the filling
i fill -- i fill -- i fill --
until the empty all of me
fades empty in itself

(source at:

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