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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

open to suggestions

i have most def gots to do me some more book promotional stuff.

i will be going to the local renaissance festival very soon (now that whatever grass i'm allergic to is done with the first flower of spring, and is no longer having newlywed sex in my eyes and sinuses, now it's old married sex and not too troublesome).

my challenge: how can i turn my attendance at the ren fest into a major media event, complete with helicopters, celebrities, and mainstream news all present to find out about me, or my book, or something like that.

thus, our challenge: how can i turn ren fest into a major media event about me?

anyone got any ideas?

i'm not allowed to be annoying. i'd like to go back again next year, after all, sans shame.

1 comment:

Charles said...

If you come in a very convincing costume... (or better yet, if you can get some acquaintances, act out a scene from your book...)