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Monday, April 28, 2008

ten year what?

the alumni association of my local high school had no trouble tracking me down on myspace.

apparently, a ten year reunion is en route this summer.

ten years? already?

isn't it weird how it still feels like tomorrow i have to get up, put on a uniform, and drive to a high school to feel like my mind is asleep for six hours, waiting for anything that stimulates my brain in the slightest, and finding nothing but boredom, boredom, boredom.

i meet people sometimes who remember high school as happy. i don't trust them. there's something wrong about someone who found high school exhilerating. high school is miserable. teenagers are cruel to each other, and often unchallenged in their academic work. thus, the ones who remember this time as pleasurable tend to be the ones who are the dominant cruel, and the easily challenged.

this is a gross generalization, but it is one that clouds my preconceptions whenever i meet new people. there are - of course - exceptions. somewhere. i haven't quite met them yet.

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