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Sunday, July 6, 2008

about pre-dating blog entries...

man, this is like... really hard. i just don'e have that many interesting things to say in one day, that i can spread them out into an entire week.

i feel like the only interesting thing i can think of is a madlib of random unrelated words that also happen to rhyme.

purple gorillas with frankfurter eyes
eat swallowtail sausage and rotten fruit pies
multifaceted conundrum candy is difficult to eat
because you hold it with your feet
you can only see it in your backseat
sitting with periwinkly baboons with dandruff sleet
who weave blankets from ear hair and tofu meat
and tuppins and puffins and Rene Magritte
and eyeballs and appendices of soccer cleats
dangling like bad participles from fungal sheets
hey nonny nonny nonny hoe!
And awaaaaay...we...go!


that's all i got, folks.

good night!

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