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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my only apollocon regret...

With my whole leaving early on Sunday, not only did I miss out on some great stuff, but I also didn't really have the full opportunity to help EDGE BOOKS make as much money as humanly possible off my book. I didn't really get a chance to do my whole shindig at a Con and try to convince people to check out my book.

Edge Books is an awesome company, with an amazing selection. The only reason I didn't blow fifty bucks at their table is because I didn't get a chance to swoop in before the rest of the con descended on their table. Other people bought up the things I had scouted out prior to the opening of the con. Then, I didn't have time to dig deeper, because I was leaving early and had to squeeze as much as I could from the convention.

And, I am saddened by that.

I am not saddened at making new friends (Like Lola! Welcome to my comments section! It may seem lonely, but I am always happy to see comments!)

I am saddened, as well, that this post is being put up pre-dated, and I probably haven't had a chance to check my comments section since I wrote it.

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