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Sunday, July 27, 2008

buttons, buttons, eat all the buttons!

congrats to all who earned buttons.

spambots, beware: i know you're there, pumping up my pagehits, waiting for your chance to swing in and post about something really awful...

like that time someone thought my post about pre-dating a blog post was really about looking for a dating website and commented and linked to me.

i wonder what will set off the spambots, now. will it be viagra? arnold schwarzenegger? buttered toast and tea?

regardless, it isn't free buttons, apparently. i can post about free buttons with impunity.

buttons! buttons for everyone! some of them the thread still attached! some of them with the pointy bits all mangled and crunchy! some of them boiled limp and gooey like a dali clock!

buttons, buttons, eat all the buttons!

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