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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

going to the movies...

because i was too tired to do anything else, i went to see a movie yesterday at the closest theatre to my apartment. this establishment sells food and drinks, and even has waiters running around during the movie to provide restaurant services.

i got there about half an hour before the movie, so i figured i'd wait at the bar instead of in the theatre. i had a cup of coffee and watched some movie without sound starring louis gosset jr and roy scheider on the big screen tv behind the bar for a few minutes before going into the theatre.

i wouldn't talk about this here except that a pregnant woman - clearly late in her pregnancy - sat next to me at the bar. she ordered a coors light and a glass of cheap wine. both beverages were for her. she sat there, chatting about her pregnancy with the bartender, drinking beer and wine.

her male companion came in a bit later, and took half the glass of beer that was left, and ordered more wine for his pregnant lady.

i finished my coffee, and went in to sit in the empty theatre.

In the theatre, a cockroach crawled up the side of the screen - a very large cockroach - and it was a dark spot on an empty white screen. It was a spot that moved up and up and up, slowly making its way to the ceiling.

I didn't order any food.

Because this is a restaurant establishment, waiters were running in and out trying to get people food and margaritas. when choosing a seat, i picked the most empty i could find, hopefully with no waiter running in front of me.

no luck. after i had sat down, more folks came in and picked a spot next to me, where the waiter would be running right in front of me. they ordered a bunch of food for their little kids, who were loud and obnoxious the whole time.

this family brought their 3-7 year old children to see "The Dark Knight". There were many children in this establishment, going to see this movie, ordering food and making noise.

After making the best of it, and enjoying the movie as well as could be expected in such facilities, I went to the bathroom, and noticed how one of the toilets had overflown and smothered the floor with water. it had been there a while, if the trash floating in the water was any indication.

order no food at movie theatres.

i have decided i will probably not be going back to the movies this summer.

listening to parents explain to their small children why the joker didn't really kill anybody, and why they shouldn't be afraid of harvey dent's face, just... no.

no, i don't think i'll be going back to the movies for a while.

i try to think the best of people. i really do. i odn't want my experiences at movies to make me hate people.

Also, why on earth was this movie rated PG-13? Did the ratings people actually *see* the movie?

Spoilers ahead: Didn't they get a look at Harvey Dent's face? Didn't they watch the joker slaughtering recklessly, and relentlessly - even once by using a pencil on a table and once with a bomb that was surgically installed inside someone? Didn't they watch Rachel getting blown to bits while her fiancee was on the other line, trying to talk to them? THAT was PG-13?!

I gotta say, the kids in the theatre didn't seem able to handle it like a PG-13 movie.

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