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Monday, July 14, 2008

do we call it "Calvinball" and/or "उइद्दित्च"? we should if we don't...

Hear ye, hear ye, all Speculative Fictionists!

I hereby propose a new moniker to refer to something many of us do in our stories, as a convenient shorthand for discussion groups, crit groups, and general verbal shorthand.

Sports of the future, of the magical alternate reality, and any other invented sort of sport in our stories that is sufficiently different from known sports as to require an "As You Know Bob" about the rules, the specialized equipment, and anything else particular to that particular speculative sport, shall forthwith be referred to as "Calvinball" is SciFi and "Quidditch" in Fantasy!.

Thus, in your crit groups, you might overhear this sentence, "So, in your Calvinball, you have guys playing some kind of floating soccer in the lowgrav center of the generational ship..."

"So, your Quidditch has these guys facing off trying to turn each other into bats and baseballs? But who gets to do the swinging and who gets to do the pitching. Do they pitch themselves? That's not clear in the story."

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