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Monday, July 14, 2008

GUD Magazine is running a contest for my book...

If anyone in the UK/EU want to try and win the review copy of LAST DRAGON Debbie Moorhouse used for GUD Magazine?

Enter this contest:

"You're the Last Person on Earth, but you're allowed to share your solitude with one creature from mythology--any mythology. To win the review copy of "Last Dragon", tell us in [GUD Magazine's review] comments who--or what--it's going to be :).

Contest open to UK/EU only and closes July 21st (midnight pacific time)."

I will also sweeten the pot. If you win, I'll send you a LAST DRAGON button.

(Lisa, I promise I will get that button in the mail, I just have to finish prepping the story I'm sending out this week, and the button will go out when I get to the post office! I haven't forgotten you! I'm just slow, like the publishing industry!)

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