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Friday, July 11, 2008

you got friends, right?

I hate to say that I expect sluggish sales in July, but I do. Gas prices are very high. I'm so swamped between the museum and trying to write another book this year, that I don't have a chance to do book signings for a while.

Most of the short fiction and poetry I have that's going to be published isn't coming out until August and later.

Thus, I expect a slow July.

Want to help? I assume you have a copy of my book sitting somewhee within arm's reach (or a local library), and I assume you have friends (because only cool people would read my blog, and cool people always have friends).

Put one and two together. Take book. Insert into hand of friend.

Frankly, 'tis the nicest and kindest thing you can do to any writer whose work you enjoy.

Then, when August rolls around, keep your eyes peeled for Fantasy Magazine, GUD Magazine, Weird Tales Magazine, Abyss & Apex.... Etc. Etc. Then, I expect an uptick as new readers discover that I exist.

le sigh. I put too much of my sense of self into my sales figures. I really ought to focus on the next project.

I know this novella I'm putting the spit polish on right now is pretty hella good. I can only wonder what lucky editor will be the first to see "People of the Maze"...

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