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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

setting up डिसेंट links...

I took down my link to other blogs because I realized I needed to overhaul the list to make sure they were all still active blogs. The list got so out of date, I couldn't remember why I put some of them up at all.

Then, naturally, I kept putting off my overhaul...

and putting it off...

Okay, I'm going to be putting up a list of blogs and websites that are worth a visit for anyone who comes visiting my blog. This will be a work in progress, and have very little organization. I'm probably going to be adding things to the list all year long.

I've got more than a few ideas of places I've been reading when I can. (Bibliophile Stalker is my favorite fan-run blog in the webverse. Charles' enthusiasm is infectious, his book reviews are blessedly spoiler-free, and his interviews are awesome. SFSignal and OF Blog of the Fallen are close seconds/thirds. I've taken to reading Jeff VanderMeer's blog every day, as well. Quite a few others, but I'll just list them all out... Strange Horizons, Fantasy Magazine, and etc. Stuff like that!)

Anywho, anyone who comments here can get their blog and/or website investigated and unless I see something spam-like or horribly inappropriate, I'll add you to my linkbacks. If you read my blog, you *deserve* a linkback.

I'm still pre-dating entries on account of difficult schedule, so it might take me a couple days to get everything done.

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