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Thursday, July 24, 2008

things thought about whilst doing nothing better

Q: What did one Inuit say to the other Inuit?
A: I don't-i-know. Let's Esk-i-Mo!

Yup. I'm up at the Kimbell a lot these days, and it shows no sign of dying down. If you know anyone in Fort Worth looking for some part-time work, send 'em to the museums.

I'm still trying to do that whole novelist thing full-time, too. this morning, i was late to work because i fell asleep on my keyboard.

sometime after 500 pages of straight "s", the computer crashed. i was able to investigate the document and delete all those "s"'s but who knows how many could have been written.

maybe tomorrow i'll put together an interesting thing for you in the morning. i've got plans to reward regular readers with something cool and free.

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