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Saturday, January 12, 2008

firefly makes me mad

everytime i zone out to episodes of firefly, it pisses me off that some suits at Fox decided this show was unworthy of an actual, full season.

call me a Browncoat, friends.

when will djoss and tim get a phonecall from HBO or Showtime begging the two guys responsible for the brilliance of Firefly to come over to the cable side of things and once again create works of genius that no tv show has yet been able to replicate.

until that time, at least we have a few brief episodes that flash at the genius that was left unfinished.

oh, and i'm having a little difficulty writing anything worth sharing with others with my book launch about three weeks away.

i'll update as best i can until then. stressed out. nervous. sweating bullets the size of beer cans.

woof, it's going down soon, ladies and gents.

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K.C. Shaw said...

Firefly was a great show, and the movie was good too. I liked how they kept the same actors for the movie. Everyone at Fox is an idiot, as far as I can tell. They canceled The Tick before the season was over too, and Greg the Bunny, and both those shows were innovative and fun.

Your book launch will go great! You'll sell lots and lots and lots of copies!