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Sunday, August 19, 2007

after dark crystals

years have passed, and still i recall the dreams i had after watching this film. they were not adventure dreams, like the star wars imaginary battles with evil dark jedi. the dark crystal dreams were deserts and jungles and primitive cultures rebuilding after an awful genocide. they were before the genocide, right at the cusp of disaster.

these melancholy dreams return to me sometimes, and i cannot remember all the details right. i cannot remember any of the details.

i think we are all amnesiacs reaching into the hidden pockets where our folded brains hold our lost selves like tiny crystals of black salt.

we search and search for the things that remind us of our lost selves, our lost selfhood. by searching through nostalgia and kitzch and old movies and collectibles and all the errata of youtube and google and boingboing, we are searching for that moment when we felt something.

Something powerful.

We have forgotten far more than we can remember. We have all become amnesiacs, grasping in the dark into the cabinets of lost memories, searching for the moment when we were in joy.

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