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Saturday, August 18, 2007

the cover is done!

one of the reasons i have the amazon link to the right (besides the whole link-directly-to-the-bookstore-where-you-can-buy-my-book thing) was to see if and when the cover might actually show up.

i've seen that golden head in various stages, and supported it all the way.

the artist was Henry Higginbotham. the moment i saw the incomplete sculpture, i knew it was going to be perfect. and, there it is and the golden head of henry higginbotham is the coolest thing i have seen all day - and i went to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art today and watched a Magnolia at the Modern Janus film!

Great job, Henry.

Super fantastic job, also to the art team at Wizards that translated a wicked awesome sculpture into a wicked awesome cover! If I knew your names, I'd mention them here because you all did a stellar job!

And, just because I can, a direct link to the Amazon page, complete with the cool cover!

Here's Henry's website, in case you'd like to know more about him:

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