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Thursday, August 23, 2007

somebody asked me today, what i am reading at the moment

i tend to read more than one book at once. i have a pretty good memory for where i am in what book, and have no trouble drifting between them like channel-surfing.

right now, and depending on where i am sitting in my apartment, i am reading these books:

On my dining room table, there are two books, depending on my mood and which side of the table I happen to be sitting on:

in my living room, depending on where i sit down, i could pick up where i left off in any of these books:

in the office area, wherein cats have staked strong claim, and i am lucky to find a place to sit most days:

Gulf Coast Literary Magazine, for some reason unavailable at Amazon.

also, this is a great work of literature that i read in that space, and don't tell me it's just an old video game. this is a novel-length work of staggering story-telling genius.

in my bedroom, near my bed, there are a dozen books half-read, half-opened. i shall share only three that i have been reading through lately.

so, what am i reading these days? this. also, at work, i've kept a copy of the epic classic, "The Song of Roland" that was translated in the sixties, and i bought for 88 cents at a used book store.

does this answer your question, or merely confuse you as much as it seems to confuse everyone when they ask me what i'm reading these days and i walk them around my apartment?

i think i'm going to go read something right now...

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