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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

just heard from...

i just heard from the literary e-zine coyote wild.

they want to pick up my short story "last star" for publication. i now must sign contracts, tell them where to send money, etc.

this is the second-best way to start one's day.*

i woke up. i made coffee. i started the laundry. i sat down to check my e-mail with my coffee in my hand. i filled out a big author faq for wizards of the coast's publicity firm. then, i found out i sold a short story.

i feel like such an authorial author-type of an author right now.

feels good.

watch for my story "last star" at this magazine:

*(the best way to start one's day involves checking the lottery numbers, realizing you've won, and still managing to celebrate without spilling your coffee.)

speaking of lotteries... this one's getting stellar reviews. maybe we should go to the store today and see if we can't find it, yeah?

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J m mcdermott said...

The story will be up in January 2008, by the way...