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Thursday, August 23, 2007

out of coffee

alas, i have run out of coffee.

this emergency scenario is exacerbated by the sad reality that i do not have the coffee necessary to be mentally prepared to go to the store and acquire coffee.

the last time i went to the store to get coffee in this scenario, i bought a bunch of tropical fruits, some ramen noodle soup, garlic bread, and doritos. none of these things, i needed. none of them were coffee.

before that, i went to the store, and spent all of my grocery money on candy. all of it. it was the first shiny thing i saw.

why, just now, i remembered that i had left garlic bread in my oven that i had bought the last time i had ran out of coffee. it's been sitting in that oven for over a week. i opened up the oven, thinking - whatever happened to that garlic bread i bought last time i ran out of coffee - and there it was!

i'm seriously considering eating the garlic bread, if only because i am out of coffee.

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