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Monday, August 27, 2007

life never stops for anyone

Life Never Stops for Anyone

can't see the trees
for the paper
can't see the paper for the black ink
can't see the black ink

“and i know my clients
i've got this client i know
the da's agreed to this
get his stuff in before the kid goes on a ski trip
and i know the da's agreed to this
but bullshit
the driver says he couldn't see
hey, i think i better go in and give blood
maybe about eight in the morning”

“do you want it on a plate?"
"no kidding,
that sugar goes straight through
it's not like the processed sugar”

“she had this bed sore
they had to operate on it
she can't swallow, so they make her
eat through her stomach
they were overfeeding her
she got so full she just threw it up
white-chocolate mocha, do you want some?
it was shocking
he was good looking”

this sound -- this sound -- this sound sound sound

“him and his girlfriend
he was more of a cousin than a brother
do you like it?
life never stops for anyone
my friend's mom also died
no one really understands”

dances slumped in chairs

can't see the cloud
in all this rain
can't see the rain
in all this light
can't see the light
in all this skin
can't see the skin
in all this eye
can't see the eye

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