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Sunday, August 19, 2007

gossip's in the subtext

-why don't they get married?
-they want to wait until they're, like, financially ready. but, you know, they like to take it slow, you know.
-that's weird.
-yeah, she likes to flirt, but...
-i noticed. 'cause she was sayin' to me, "don't get married!"
-that's 'cause you're so young!
-yeah, but, still...
-she likes to flirt, but, you know, who doesn't?
-that's weird.

a young woman tells a story about how everyone she knew in high school got married right away, had kids, and then they all divorced. it was the love of their life. now, they're young and divorced with kids and that's how it is in small towns. she says, also, "if you ever go to a country high school - and i don't know why - but senior year, 1/3 of the people drop out. don't know why."

gossip is in the subtext. they were talking about something else, entirely. it had to do with love found, and love lost, i'm sure.

sometimes i think that's all people ever talk about, really. love found. love lost.

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